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Estate planning on your own can be complicated and costly. Not knowing your legal and financial rights often ends up costing you more in the end.

Thoughts of estate planning often bring more questions than answers: Could an heir be too young to inherit? Should the inheritance be given at a certain age? Is the intended beneficiary in a shaky marriage with divorce as a possibility? Are there children from a previous marriage? Should inheritance be protected from potential creditors of the heir? Are there taxes that can be minimized? Are you able to avoid the probate court rules, delays, and costs?

And we can help.

Every estate planning situation is different. In order to help you, we want to know you, your unique situation and the nature of your relationships. We offer discussion, recommendations and will direct you to highly-regarded estate tax attorneys who will make your planning simple and efficient. We are available throughout the process for further discussion regarding your questions and changes in circumstances. At every step, we'll be there with you.

We help you...

  • Clearly define your estate planning goals.
  • Organize and create your estate planning team (experts on law, finance, and taxes) if you need one.
  • Evaluate and recommend estate planning options.
  • Minimize taxes at time of death

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