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Few things are more important to business owners than the value of their business or the value of a potential acquisition or merger candidate. The valuation can be the difference between the consummation of a deal or time and money spent on its failure.

Business valuation is not an exact science. It's based on judgment, experience and financial analysis of relevant information. You need professionals who are well qualified, with significant experience in evaluating the financial condition and operational results of your's or the target business.

We work closely with you to analyze your operations and historical financial data. Our in-depth knowledge of your business enables us to provide a well-reasoned and documented plan. We combine our experience, the appraiser's valuation and your thoughts and goals cohesively into a successful team effort.

We provide a full range of business valuation services for the following needs:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Disputes
  • Buyouts
  • Divorce
  • Estate Planning
  • Financing
  • Gifting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Other Business Valuation Scenarios

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